There is nothing that we cannot do for you.

"It is obvious you take great pride and special care in
the work that you do
! ... Once the fireworks started
the crowd was absolutely stunned and spell bound!
You helped to take a great event and make it phenomenal."

Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions is not just another
fireworks company. Established in 1991,
we use our experience, advanced technology
and proven tools to create an event that keeps
your spectators excited.
  We make every show a work of art.
Electrically Fired Shows and Barge Displays
Music Choreography and Custom Music Programs
Manually Fired Shows and Custom Set Pieces
Weddings, Homecomings, Graduations
~ Monique Marwitz, Motorola   
Grand Openings, Holidays, Athletic Events, Fairs
Festivals, Conventions, Conferences
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