We make every show a work of art.


 Q. Why would I choose Mad Bomber Fireworks?  

A. We are a full time pyrotechnics company, 24/7, 365 days a years. This is not a hobby.

We are up to date and follow the laws and regulations for professional fireworks displays.

We have a large inventory from numerous manufacturers to give you a spectacular variety of pyrotechnics for your display. This keeps your display exciting and thrilling from start to finish.

We test our products to ensure the highest quality.

We test our equipment and train our operators to ensure the safest setup and firing of your display.

We customize all our displays. No package displays. Each event and site is unique, so we work with you to produce a spectacular display just for you.

 Q. Where do I start if I want a fireworks display?

A. Figure a budget for your event.

B. You need a land area large enough to discharge a display meeting NFPA 1123 (National Fire Protection Agency) regulations for distances. Call Mad Bomber Fireworks we will come out and do a site survey and outline a fall out zone for safety. This will also allow us the opportunity to discuss your event plans so we could produce a customized display for you.

 C. At this point we may contact the local Fire Chief explain your intentions and apply for the necessary permits to discharge fireworks. Keep in mind some permits can have a nominal fee. This cost would be above the display cost.

 Q. How much advance notice do I need for a display?

A. The more time the better. Some permit applications need to be in 30 days prior  to the display. Although contact us we may be able to work out the permits in less time if needed.

 Q. Do you charge by the minute for a display?

A. No! All our displays are custom designed. We will produce the display to have the most excitement for your event. This is not based on a charge by the minute.

 Q. What does a professional display cost?

A. A display may start as low as $3000.00 and go up to ??. Most towns, villages, cities and park districts range between $5000.00 to $20,000.00 dollars. Give us a call we would be glad to work with you to bring an exciting pyrotechnic display for your event.

 Q. What do I need to do to work on a fireworks display?

A. To start you need to be at least eighteen (18) years old. Then contact us by email at info@madbomberfireworks.com.   Include your name, phone number, area you live, and a little information about yourself. We will then contact you to fill out an application and necessary forms for the ATF. Upon the approval of the ATF you could start your training.

If your question wasn't answered here please email us at info@madbomberfireworks.com.
All fireworks pictures are actual footage from our shows.
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